Monday, May 10, 2010

Dimentional Butterfly

The CQI challenge for May is dimentional embroidery. I started making a stumpwork butterfly quite some time ago. What a lot of fussy work! But, now that it's done, I'll say it was fun. I made about every mistake there was to be made (I hope) so maybe next time things will go smoother. After it was complete I discovered that I had copied the enlarged pattern, not the original. No wonder it took so long to do those long and short stitches! The wings are made by couching thin wire to the base fabric in the shape of the wing, leaving ends free where the wing attaches to the body. Then the wings are filled in with long and short stitches. Finally, the wire is covered with buttonhole stitches, and the wings are carefully cut out. On the fabric where the butterfly is going to be placed, the body is done in turkey knot stitch and then clipped and fluffed. The wings are attached by poking the ends of the wire through the fabric to the back where the wires are fastened down with needle and thread. Being my first attempt, it's a little rough and looks like a cross between a moth and a bat. Oh well!

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