Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Season to Season - Janet's winter block

In the CQforNewbies group at Yahoo they have a season to season block share going on. This is Janet's winter block that I have been working on. She did 1/2 of the block and then it was sent to the host who determined who would be partners. Her block was sent to me, and mine to her, and we each finished the other's block. I regret that I never took a picture of her block when I received it. Janet had done the lovely green branches and red birds above the center, as well as the sledding snowman and the rest of that seamwork. I liked her cute snowman so much that I felt the need to copy him. Thus, the skating snowman on the pond. I also did the green seam on the right of the center patch, and everything below the center and to the right.
Weren't the Olympics fun though?

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