Sunday, March 21, 2010

CQforNewbies ATC swap

Spring, or Bling, or Spring Bling is the theme for this ATC swap. It's not so easy working on blocks this small. I discovered that while I have been busy making blocks, I have yet to finish the edges on one. First I tried satin stitching on the machine. Well, there were beads too close to the edge and this caused some problems so I tried using the button hole stitch by hand. That worked out better. I may not send the one I did with the machine.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Butterflys, Bees and Beetles RR

In CQI we're having a Butterflys, Bees, and Beetles RR. The RR just started up so this is the first block that I worked on. It belongs to Ritva and I just love the fabrics she used. These pix never come out where I think they're going to. The first one is the work I did on Ritva's block and the bottom is the blank block.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Season to Season - Janet's winter block

In the CQforNewbies group at Yahoo they have a season to season block share going on. This is Janet's winter block that I have been working on. She did 1/2 of the block and then it was sent to the host who determined who would be partners. Her block was sent to me, and mine to her, and we each finished the other's block. I regret that I never took a picture of her block when I received it. Janet had done the lovely green branches and red birds above the center, as well as the sledding snowman and the rest of that seamwork. I liked her cute snowman so much that I felt the need to copy him. Thus, the skating snowman on the pond. I also did the green seam on the right of the center patch, and everything below the center and to the right.
Weren't the Olympics fun though?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Red Color Study - Denise's block

I finished working on the first block in our red color study round robin. Red is not an easy color to photograph. This is Denise's block. I did a couple of the longer seams and then attached one of my folded fabric flowers and a tatted butterfly. I've been using mostly DMC perle cotton no. 8 for my seam work. I had read about Lizbeth cotton cord online somewhere, so the other day when I saw that they had some at JoAnns, I bought a couple balls. It's size no. 20, so it's also a nice size for tatting.